Exploring the World Through Books

When I was a kid, I’d stay up late in bed just to read. I read The Boxcar Children, The Babysitter’s Club, Nancy Drew, and anything Judy Blume. But most of the books I read didn’t have characters that looked like me. There wasn’t a ton of diversity in my book selections. Thankfully there is so much more diversity that you see in books nowadays.

I want my kids to love reading as much as I do and I want them to be exposed to all the beautiful unique cultures in the world. With my kids being half Filipino and half white, it’s important for me that they know about the Filipino culture and their Filipino roots. Fortunately my five year old has been to the Philippines twice and we plan to bring baby boy once he’s a little older and can handle the 18+ hour flight. We try to pick up a new book about the city, state, country we visited every time we travel. When we can’t travel, I think reading about a place or culture is the next best thing.

We have a ton of books at home and I feel like you can never have too many books! I especially love to buy books that teach kindness, inclusion, empowerment and an appreciation for diversity. Here are just a few of the books that are focused on diversity. Since it’s the last day of Filipino-American History month I thought I’d focus on the book we’ve been reading this month, “Filipino Friends.” Some of the  diversity books from our home collection.

This book, “Filipino Friends” By Liana Romulo and Corazon Dandan-Albano was given to us as a gift from a friend. It’s such a great book to teach children about the Philippines. But the book teaches more than just about the country, it also teaches about the Filipino culture, family structure, food, customs, traditions, numbers, words, and songs.A great way to learn about food, culture and language.

The illustrations are super cute and the pictures have the Tagalog words labeled to help introduce the language. It’s a great way for not only my daughter to learn more about her heritage and the Tagalog language but also for my husband to learn as well. She loves the song in the book, “Bahay Kubo” which translates to nipa hut. She memorized it quickly and sings it all the time now. It’s such a great book for Filipino-Americans and really for anyone wanting to learn more about the Filipino culture. Stay tuned to hear our reviews about other books from our book collection. A fun way to learn Tagalog



14 thoughts on “Exploring the World Through Books

  1. What a great collection of books for your little ones to have! I especially like the multi-language ones where they can learn Tagalog and Japanese words – how cool!

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