5 Steps for Planning a Birthday Party

My daughter turned 5 this past weekend. Her birthday landed amidst the chaos of moving, home closing, getting used to our back-to-school routine, and getting adjusted to life with a newborn. It’s been a little busy but I didn’t want to overlook celebrating her turning 5. We celebrated with a simple birthday party at a local doughnut shop with her closest friends and our family. It was easy to plan and my daughter had a blast. I do love planning parties and used to be a party planner years ago when I lived in Los Angeles. Of course the key is scaling it all down for a kid’s party. Here is how I planned my daughter’s 5th birthday in 5 easy steps.

  1. Choose a venue: Throughout my pregnancy I was craving donuts so needless to say, my daughter and I spent a lot of those 9 months with trips to the donut shop. We love Glazed and Infused donuts so I asked the shop if they would host a kids party. Unfortunately our local store was too small but they directed us to another store in a nearby neighborhood. It was still small with a maximum capacity of 25 people but they were able to host our party. I selected a 2 hour time slot of 10am-12pm.  For $75 we had the back table area to ourselves, party plates, decor, balloons, and of course donuts!20170924_095357
  2. Narrow down the guest list: The venue basically set the guest capacity for me. I could only invite a few people since the 25 max capacity included both adults and kids. I had my daughter choose 5 friends from her class, 2 friends outside of class, and her family. We had one parent per child attend (although I guess looking back we could have done a drop-off party).  wp-image-618019829
  3. Pick a theme: My daughter and I love donuts but we also have a love for Tokidoki and Donutella. I love choosing a theme for every party. It makes planning easier for me and when we look back my daughter references her birthday parties by themes. 1st birthday Music theme, 2nd birthday: Under the Sea theme, 3rd birthday: US Presidents theme, 4th birthday: Dia De Los Muertos theme, and 5th birthday: Donuts & Donutella. Picking a theme narrows down what party goods you’ll need. I picked up a few donut themed plates, napkins, cups, party favors, garland, and a tablecloth for about $35 . My daughter already had donut dresses and headbands so that made it easy for dressing her up to match her theme.wp-image-871802737
  4. Food: Since were were having the party at 10am we kept it simple with breakfast food. The donut shop had a variety of coffee drinks, juice, and milk that was just ordered by our guests and added to our tab. Before heading to the party I stopped by Whole Foods and picked up a dozen bagels, cream cheese, a fruit platter, and yogurt. The donut shop had three plates of cake donuts (yellow cake, chocolate, and red velvet).  For the birthday girl’s cake, I took 2 of the cake donuts and topped it with a “happy birthday” candle. I figured the kiddos wouldn’t need more sugar so no need for a separate birthday cake.wp-image-1608144846
  5. Enjoy the party! We had the kids decorate the donuts with a variety of toppings: chocolate or vanilla glaze, rainbow sprinkles, mini m&ms, and crushed oreos. They all had a blast creating their donut masterpieces and it was a fun and simple activity for them to do. We kept it simple and it seemed like everyone had a great time. The birthday girl had so much fun and I’m glad she was able to celebrate with her friends and family.wp-image-55198120

I still remember my 5th birthday party. We celebrated at the McDonald’s in our neighborhood and I had so much fun with all my friends and family. I’m hoping my little girl will remember this past birthday with the same happiness that I still have for mine.


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